What is Whiteboard Animation?


Learn what "Whiteboard Animation" really is and look at some great examples of Whiteboard Animation!

Whiteboard animation is a specific type of video that uses the process of creating a series of pictures frames or sketches drawn on a whiteboard and complemented with a voice-over or narration to guide the viewers throughout the video and its story.
Creative and inventive whiteboard animation are a compelling tool to market, brand and advertise products and services effectively. Whiteboard animation videos intrigue viewers with innovative animation techniques, an innovative script and by making complex explanations plain and simple.
Whiteboard animation videos have evolved from an artist explaining a product or service on a whiteboard and a video being recorded while doing the same to a completely digital form using effects, animation and sketching sounds, and voice overs. The technique of whiteboard animation videos is an approach used to educate customers by laying down a product’s or service’s USP step by step to its
viewers. Complex explanations can be made easy using a whiteboard animation videos and thus it has found wide applications to help explain products for IT,software and SaaS companies worldwide. Whiteboard explainer animation is extremely helpful to support sales processes and to up sell or cross sell different features/usability of the products offered using explainer videos.

ReerEndz Whiteboard Animation Example

Category: Product marketing Whiteboard Animation

ReerEndz is an innovative Men’s inner wear company with exciting customized inner wear for guys. Intrigued right! So is everybody. Such innovation needs to beconveyed in the simplest way possible for viewers to easily comprehend what the brand has to offer. ReerEndz whiteboard animation video uses the humor element to get their audiences intrigued and interested in the product. Have a look!

Howtochoosearealtor.com Whiteboard Animation Example

Category: Web based businesses’ Whiteboard Animation

In this whiteboard animation video example, you will see how a web-based business identifies a niche market, points out an opportunity and a problem that potential customers might be facing and thereby offers its own services as the best solution to their problem. Despite of being a lengthy pitch, it maintains an adequate level of user engagement with a well written storyboard and script. Have a look.

The Franchise Builder Whiteboard Animation Example

Category: Business strategy Whiteboard Animation

“The Franchise Builder” has been a leader for two decades in the domain of helping businesses franchise their business model and branch out. The whiteboard animation video for them relates to an untouched opportunity with potential for business owners to grow their business and walks them through how they can help such businesses franchise their businesses without much hassle with a perfect, straightforward narration to walk the viewers through its applications. Have a look!

Greengopher Whiteboard Animation Example

Category: E-commerce Whiteboard Animation

This is a classic yet simplest form of effectively using a whiteboard animation video to your advantage and save thousands of dollars on your marketing videos. You will see how Greengopher explain their product and services with this simple whiteboard video and using a well scripted narration, cover all of their unique selling points. Such a Whiteboard video can be made in less than a 1000$. Have a look!

Explainer Video Example by BrandsMark