Top 6 Types of Explainer Videos for 2018

Most Fabulous Types Of Explainer Videos for 2018

Watching engaging and interesting videos has become a part of our daily routines. You watch hundreds of ads and different types of explainer videos every day and they are almost everywhere! Such explainer videos or animated explainer videos are created with a view to communicating the application of a product or service in an engaging and intriguing way with a view to boosting sales conversions, the overall appeal and help a marketing campaign with social shares and the viral factor.

There are a variety of explainer videos and here are some that dominate the others. Different explainer video styles or formats are made to appeal to different segments of the target audience. Here are some of the most popular explainer video types for 2018.


Fabulous Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video Type

Whiteboard explainer videos have evolved from an artist explaining a product or service on a whiteboard and a video being recorded while doing the same to a completely digital form using effects, animation and sketching sounds, and voiceovers. The technique of whiteboard animation videos is an approach used to educate customers by laying down a product’s or service’s USP step by step to its viewers. Complex explanations can be made easy using a whiteboard explainer video and thus it has found wide applications to help explain products for IT, software and SaaS companies worldwide.

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2.5D Animation / Animated Explainer Video Type

This is a popular explainer video type that actually stimulated a 3D environment using motion graphics. This saves a lot of time and money compared to that involved in creating a complete 3D explainer video from scratch. A 3D motion graphic’s layer is placed on top of relevant footage this makes the whole video appear more elegant, advanced and engaging.

The overlapping motion graphics elements for such a video may be in 2D but the overall appeal is that of a 3D video, hence these are termed as 2.5D animated explainer videos.

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2D Character Animation Explainer Video Type

Character animation explainer videos are also referred to as cartoon explainer videos. Such a video comprised of a character assigned to represent a brand or product to give it more of the emotional and relatable aspect to the target audience. Such videos have the highest engagement rates, are very intriguing for the viewers and do a great job explaining products and services.

The script and the storyboard form the most integral elements in the production of character animated explainer videos. It usually communicated how a product or service being explained solves the audience’s problem. These are very helpful in penetrating the market and is widely adopted for by small, medium and large scale businesses worldwide.

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2D Motion Graphics Animated Explainer Video Type

Motion graphics is the art and technique of bringing graphic design to life using animation and sound effects and uses different graphical elements such as colors, shapes, effects, transitions to explain a concept through the motion of these elements.

Such videos are up straight in explaining the use and application of any product or service to its viewers and are very helpful in explaining complex concepts to potential customers or users. A 2D animated explainer video is innovative, appealing and has a high rate of engagement.

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3D Motion Graphics Animated Explainer Video Type

Bigger organizations like to opt for an even more advanced style of explainer video using 3D elements in motion graphics to give a further escalated upscale look to the respective explainer video and achieve increased engagement level from its target audiences.

3D video production requires experts and advanced technology to get it done right and is, therefore, the most expensive one. The production period for a 3D explainer video is much more than that taken for a 2D animated explainer video. Hence it is indeed the most optimum choice for organizations with no time or budget constraints.

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Screencast Explainer Video Type

As the name itself suggests, a screencast explainer video is a simple recording of a computer or a mobile device’s screen while the usability or application is being applied. These are brief explanation videos with a purpose of educating use and application of a product or service to its viewers and hence is usually longer than the other types of marketing explainer videos out there.

The cost incurred to produce these is on the lower end and hence is an ideal product education tool for start-ups.