What is Explainer Video Production

Explainer video production is producing a short video clip, so that it becomes easier for the businesses to explain or introduce themselves in the market, basically about what they do and several ways to help their customers. If the product is new to the market, its details are well explained through an explainer video.

An explainer video production is also an effective tool if a business wants to convey some message to their customers. It also helps to demonstrate the services that your product or business offers. As we all know that today’s world is driven by videos.The ranking rate of videos is much better than those plain texts in the search engine.

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Advantages of Explainer Video Production:

1.  An Explainer Video takes few seconds to explain your product or brand.

Since they can explain your product or brand in mere seconds, they are called as explainer videos. Explainer videos are handy: they are not only attractive but also help in providing the information in a compelling and educational way to grab your viewers’ attention.


2. An Explainer Video is easy to post and easy to share.

92% of the mobile consumers share videos. Thus producing an explainer video helps you to not only amplify your voice but also develop your SEO results through the created connections.


3. An Explainer Video offers a better ROI.

Explainer video production is much better than producing ads. With a smaller cost, you can have a good return on investment. This makes it a powerful tool.


4. An Explainer Video is easily accessible.

Nowadays a high rate of digital growth is coming from mobile phones. This is because videos easily adjust to small screens which images and texts don’t.


5.  Explainer Videos serve as an educational tool.

Videos have a stronger effect on the human brain. Explainer videos turn complex concepts into simple ideas and hence are not only informative but also an educational tool. Explainer video keeps the viewers’ much more engaged as they
involve both audios as well as video.

Explainer Video Production in Marketing:

Strong marketing leads to a successful business. Half of your business traits depend upon successful marketing. Basically, marketing involves public relations, advertising, brand promotions, and sales etc. But as we all know this
is a digital era, hence people are more influenced and easily get attracted to videos rather than leaflets,
flexes etc. So here producing an explainer video plays a key role to promote a brand or a company. Including  explainer video as a part of your marketing strategy helps your business in the following aspects:

1. Explainer Videos boost visibility:

Explainer videos help to boost the visibility of the product or brand in a search result. Click through rate of videos is much better than any other marketing tool.


2. Explainer Videos increase brand awareness:

Explainer videos filter a wide range of complex ideas into a friendly package. This feature of explainer video helps viewers to get a clear idea of what a company does and the importance of its products and service.


3. Explainer Videos help grow social shares:

If the explainer video is embedded in a better and interesting way then it becomes easier to pass it on any number of social media platforms.


4. Explainer Videos Help engage the customers:

Nowadays people prefer choices and options and if your explainer video is well crafted or presented it is quite easy to keep the viewers engaged.

5. Explainer Videos help product information go viral:

An explainer video has the potential to go viral and this happens when an explainer video contains clear and concise information about the product or brand. Not only this but also it should be framed and explained in such
a way that the each and every detail of the product or brand should be well understood in that short video clip.