How much do explainer videos cost?

Learn what the average cost of an Explainer Video is!

How much does an explainer video cost?

This is a question that every marketing professional has pondered upon at one point or another and the best answer that anyone can give you is: "Well, it depends.

This answer isn't really helpful, right?

BrandsMark has been an industry leader for the past decade and can actually answer this question in a much better way. The average length of an explainer video is around 60 seconds, let's consider this to benchmark the cost. The cost of an explainer video can be classified into three categories: the lowest price, the average price, and the highest price.

  • The lowest explainer video cost.

The lowest price for an explainer video with a timeline of about 60 seconds is around $700. The simple fact that startups and small businesses can get effective explainer videos for under a 1000$ is impressive and great news for these businesses. However, lower cost of an explainer video means a slight compromise on the quality of animation and the video's FPS. If you are a startup and want the most out of your limited marketing budget, this is the explainer video type that you should opt for.


  • The average explainer video cost.

The average price of an explainer video with a timeline of around 60 seconds is between $1200 to $4000. This price range covers good quality animation, advanced video styles and are the most suitable for medium to large size businesses with a decent marketing budget and looking for innovation in their marketing strategies.


  • The highest explainer video cost.

The highest price of an explainer video with a timeline of around 60 seconds is around $7000 to $18000. These kinds of explainer videos are the most technologically advanced with the best of everything going into the production process of the video.


  • Here are 5 factors that affect the cost of explainer videos

    1. Hiring Creatives

    1. Sourcing Music & Sound Effects

    1. Equipment

    1. Software

    1. Time

Explainer Video Advantages | By BrandsMark

It is obvious that there exists a huge gap between the lowest and the highest price. It is majorly subject to the marketing goals that one wishes to accomplish via an explainer video and its cost is subject to the marketing budgets available to the businesses. 79% of experienced marketers agree that video marketing gives them exceptionally good ROI and that this form of marketing has never
let them down when executed correctly. See fabulous explainer video examples.

We can conclude that explainer video cost is largely subject to a brands requirement but the average price range mentioned above will help you decide what bracket you fit in. Another important factor that affects the pricing and explainer video cost is the turnaround time, after all: time is money. The average turnaround time for a 60 seconds explainer video is about 30 days.
Finally, it is important to choose the right agency who can deliver the best explainer video for you by understanding exactly what you need. If you are looking for the most economic agency with the best quality and quick turnaround time contact BrandsMark.


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