How Character Animation makes awesome marketing videos?

Learn what character animation is and how it helps in making fabulous explainer videos!

Character animation is a video production process using 2D or 3D animation and developing a 2D character and bringing such  animated characters to life. In a character animation explainer video, animators bring a character to life by giving it a distinct personality, creating an illusion of thought and emotions.

Many digital marketing campaigns for big and small businesses use animated characters in their marketing videos. With their unique concept and high engagement levels they have become the nost popular form of video marketing today.

Here are the top 5 ways character animation animation plays an important role in explainer video production.

1. Character animation tells a story:

Stories are the most efficient and engaging means of communicating a series of events for hundreds of years. Characters are the key elements that make stories unfold, give an emotional touch that its audience can relate to. Ever wondered how we sympathize with "Alice in wonderland" and "Little red riding hood" ?

A storyboard that is fun makes an explainer video entertaining, interesting to watch, making them efficient enough to explain a product/service and thus works wonders with character animation.

2. Character animation enables customization:

By using animated characters in explainer videos, you unlock the key to great customized marketing videos. You can create a character suitable to your product, put him in a scenario that suits your story and add elements that draw emotion to the complete concept. You can design a young guy, a modern city girl, an old lady depending upon what class of audience the product is directed to, thus making a character animated explainer video your first choice.

3. Character Animation builds Emotion:

The basic importanceof a character in a marketing video is that it builds a relatable compelling video, builds up empathy and has the capacity to humour you.

In such a marketing video, the character mudt be such that the audience appreciates and enjoys looking at it and makes them feel lively. Character animation helps you build trust via your character among your audiences.

4. Character Animation spreads Humor:

We all love watching funny videos, whether they are on WhatsApp or Instagram or any other social platform, doesn't really matter. Character animation with a humorous script goes a long way in creating super engaging marketing and explainer videos as they engage their audiences twice as much and regular scripts. Exaggerated scenarios and funny metaphors id all it takes foe audiences to giggle over the video and love it.


5. Character Animation boosts conversions:

Why do we need an explainer video or a marketing video? What do we intend to accomplish by spending so much on marketing? It's sales! It's more customers! It's plain increase in conversions!

The optimized use of character animation in an explainer video helps businesses explain their product/service/brand in a matter of seconds with an interesting story and fun elwments. Such engaging videos have boosted sales as much as 50% according to a recent university study. Marketing videos generate the highest ROI onky when executed with precision, research and innovation.

Character Animation Example | By BrandsMark

Strong marketing leads to a successful business. Half of your business traits depend upon successful marketing. Basically, marketing involves public relations, advertising, brand promotions, and sales etc. But as we all know this is a digital era, hence people are more influenced and easily get attracted to videos rather than printed forms of advertisement. So here producing an explainer video plays a key role to promote a brand or a company. Including character animation in your explainer video as a part of your marketing strategy helps your business in a lot of when when planned strategically.