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Nowadays, Whiteboard video animation is a new trend to explain your company’s products. Most of the companies are using it to explain and create a good image of the product in the user’s mind by explaining its use in a more creative way. Whiteboard animation makes it easy for the user to understands the product and its uses. This ultimately creates a premium image of the company in a consumer’s mind as this creates an emotional connection with the user. We know that when a user is connected emotionally to a company it ultimately benefits the company itself.


                                     Let’s take a brief look at some good Whiteboard Videos used by the companies:


Webpass Whiteboard Video

Industry: Google fibre cable Whiteboard Animation Sample

Webpass is an internet connection provider which creates own Ethernet network and makes it affordable and reliable. They use Google fiber for it and in this Whiteboard they explain the installation of their Google fiber which would ultimately help users. This makes them more user-friendly and gives some ease to their work. It is one of the best use of Whiteboard Video to explain the usability of the product.

Feetport Whiteboard Video

Industry: Cloud usability to track employee’s work Whiteboard Animation Sample

There is an amazing service being provided by the Freeport which helps the executives to track their employees' work and progress. They are using the cloud computing technology to make this possible. To explain to users how important it is to track their employee’s progress and report they have used Whiteboard Video very efficiently in a good way. The Whiteboard Video made it easy for the user to understand the app’s work and need.


Capgemini Whiteboard Video

Industry: cloud computing usability Whiteboard Animation Sample

Capgemini is a great cloud computing service provider in this era. They explain the efficiency of cloud computing with the use of Whiteboard Video. They tell us how with the cloud computing we can reduce the infrastructure requirements. Whiteboard Video makes it easy for users to understand cloud computing uses.No doubt Capgemini is an innovative company.

BK Billing Whiteboard Video

Industry: Bankruptcy-bifurcation Whiteboard Animation Sample

Finance is a major issue in new start-up or business.BK billing is a finance firm which provides money to the new business and start-ups. This video is all about how they fund bankrupt clients by the use of bifurcation. Compared to the common videos this Whiteboard Video seems to be more interesting and engaging. No doubt user will be impressed with this whiteboard video and surely contact them.


Crowd studio Whiteboard Video

Industry: Logo and Design Creating Whiteboard Animation Sample

When starting a new business one of the most important thing that a company must possess is the correct logo. Crowdstudio is logo and design making firm that helps the consumer to choose from different designs for their logos. They explain this to the customer effectively with the help of 2D animation video.

Petriage Whiteboard Video

Industry: Pet’s Health app Whiteboard Animation Sample

Petriage is a great app that helps you with your pet’s disease symptoms and schedules the vet’s appointment according to the symptoms. It may be difficult sometimes to search for the pet’s disease symptoms online, so this concept is demonstrated effectively with Whiteboard video very briefly and nicely.


Honda Whiteboard Video

Industry: Car Leasing Benefits Whiteboard Animation Sample

Honda is one of the world leaders in car manufacture and wants to sell more of its cars but it also looks for its customer benefits. This thing can clearly be seen in the video that how Honda suggests to lease cars instead of buying one. It would be more beneficial for you to lease a car and this concept is blissfully shown in the amazing Whiteboard Video.

Tutorcomp Whiteboard Video

Industry: Online Tutoring Whiteboard Animation Sample

E-learning is the new trend these days and most of the kids who don’t understand the classroom taught, they subscribe to an online course and learn a lot with some good tutors. Tutorcomp is making this thing accessible to more and more people by showing it through a Whiteboard Video and it’s quite amazing.


SFM Whiteboard Video

Industry: Business Settlement Procedure Whiteboard Animation Sample

Setting up business and going through all the hasty processes that make the process miserable could be somewhat difficult. You may lose your inspiration sometime if the process of registration is not done with care. This thing is depicted with the great ease in the following SFM Whiteboard Video. No doubt it is a  progressive company that looks after it’s customers.

Flask Whiteboard Video

Industry: Structured Water Benefits Whiteboard Animation Sample

Sometimes you forget to take your important sip of the day in your all day hassle and this makes your body look retarded. To overcome this urgency Flask came up with a new invention named as structured water which can replenish all the energy in you. This useful information is beautifully described through the Whiteboard Video and with a historic example.


Knights Van Hire Whiteboard Video

Industry: Van Hiring Service Whiteboard Animation Sample

Knights Van hiring service has elegantly demonstrated its services with the use of a Whiteboard Video. This video gives them a premium look and leaves a good expression on the viewer’s mind. Smart use of technology is demonstrated here and we can see how a normal video of no interest is converted into an interesting Whiteboard Video.

StackThat Money Whiteboard Video

Industry: affiliate marketing Whiteboard Animation Sample

Affiliate marketing is a huge fish for the business out there, right now and many want to fish it. You need a right coach to learn the affiliate marketing and StackThatMoney look promising for this. Whiteboard Video has made it simpler for people like us to understand what affiliate marketing is and we would like to thank STM for it.


Spigit prediction Whiteboard Video

Industry: idea investing Whiteboard Animation Sample

“An idea is the only thing that you need to begin with”, well said by someone but how can you verify is that idea is good enough or not. Well, this difficulty is the job of the Spigit prediction firm. They evaluate idea and judge if it’s really good on many factors and reviews. Spigit is one of its kind firms and needs to acknowledged worldwide. At the end last but not the least, they look at the beautiful way of describing their work through Whiteboard Video.

Solar Centaury Whiteboard Video

Industry: Solar Energy Whiteboard Animation Sample

Electricity is one of the major basic needs in today’ world and it becomes really important to look after when we have such a limited amount of energy reserves worldwide. Solar energy is one of the best alternatives to generate the needed electricity and solar century demonstrates this blissfully and elegantly through its Whiteboard Video.


Ford Whiteboard Video

Industry: Car Financing Whiteboard Animation video

The world leader in car manufacturer, Ford is no more behind in the new trend of Whiteboard animation in this century. They too have used the Whiteboard Video to demonstrate their car usefulness and how car finance is easy, with a simple touch of car’s accessibility. Ford, no doubt is ahead of its competitors in the use of technology for animation.

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