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Today we are observing a great use of technology in every part of this world. Whether it is a corporate world or non-corporate world, we are observing how 3D Explainer videos and 3D Medical Device Videos are being used to explain the use of different services and devices. When we talk about industries, we can’t forget about the medical industry. Every hospital, the device manufacturing industry wants to make technology simpler for civilians to understand and to further cascade the technical methodology to the colleagues in the respective industry as well. Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the technology behind any successful operation or any device. So today we will take a look at some good 3D medical & scientific video animation examples which would help us understand how a medical industry which you are within can be benefitted.

                       So wear your spectacles and get ready to be thrilled with some amazing videos. Here they are:



Medtronic Neurosurgery 3D Medical Animated Video

Industry: Laser Ablation 3D Medical Animation Sample

Neurosurgery is a kind of surgery that can give your backbone some strokes of fear. Many people are afraid of it and many who suffer from any brain-related disease prefer to avoid it as it seems to be dangerous. In this video, Medtronic shows us how safe this procedure is with their laser technology. By using this 3D Medical Animated Video they prove that they are one of the best.

Linet 3D Medical Animated Video

Industry: Hospital Medical Equipment 3D Medical Animation Sample

Do you agree that hospital beds are awful? They are so old-fashioned, they must be revolutionized with the new tech out there in the market. Well, looks like the Linet just heard us and made Eleganza 2, their new advanced hospital bed and they choose a 3D Medical Animated Video to describe their product. Isn’t this a great use of tech? Indeed, it is.


Evexar 3D Medical Animated Video

Industry: Medical instrument 3D Medical Animation Sample

The sigmoid scope is an important thing that is used in the medical industry. This instrument needs to be more advanced and more easily accessible in hospitals. Evexar has revolutionized it more efficiently and with great new features. They have explained quite beautifully through their 3D Medical Animated Video so that it can be easy for normal consumers like us to understand and trust their product.

Cardinal Health 3D Medical Animated Video

Industry: NPWT ALLY 3D Medical Animation Sample

Cardinal Health is one of the biggest firms of medical instruments in this world and when they are using a 3D Medical Animated Video it means that these videos have a real impact in the advertisement industry. Their new NPWT ALLY device is a device that is hard to understand by most of the users but through this 3D Medical Animated Video, Cardinal health has made it easier to understand.


Abbott 3D Medical Animated Video

Inustry:Regulating Devices 3D Medical Animated Sample

Abbott is a leader in the medical industry and therefore it becomes necessary for them to create new and useful technologies for the patients. The new Heartmate 3 looks promising which uses Maglev Technology and 3D medical Animated Video has done its job in explaining this thing to us.

Stryker TruRize 3D Medical Animated Video

Industry: Patient mobility 3D Medical Animated Sample

When a patient is recovering it is really important to take special care of one’s transportation and if this thing not done properly it may cause damage to the patient. To overcome this obstacle the wheelchairs are used but as everything has become technology influenced this transportation needed some changes too, so Stryker introduced Treize and excellently explained its use through their 3D Medical Animated Video.


SJM 3D Medical Animated Video

Industry: Invisible Trial System Animation 3D Medical Animated Sample

The world is changing and with the new discoveries and invention, we are observing great new devices in the medical industry too. SJM has introduced their new Invisible Trial System which can be used to monitor your patient's organ health wirelessly through your mobile. 3D Medical Animated Video explains its functionality conscientiously.

Inari 3D Medical Animated Video

Industry: Peripheral Vasculature System and Devices 3D Medical Animated Sample

Inari medical has introduced a new device known as ClotTriever System which is used for non-surgical removal of soft emboli and thrombi from blood vessels, and injection, infusion and/or aspiration of contrast media and other fluids into or from the blood vessel. This is a great new device for those who have a fear from surgical methods and 3D Medical Animated Video explains this blissfully.


Brasseler 3D Medical Animated Video

Industry: Dental Kitand Devices 3D Medical Animated Sample

Believe it or not, going to the dentist is one of the biggest fears in any human being’s mind. This fear increases when we see the dental drill in work. This 3D Medical Animated Video is all about the new dental drill kit from Brasseler and this might make the patients feel good.

MDT Transformative 3D Medical Animated Video

Inustry: Translocation Technology 3D Medical Animated Sample

Aquamantys is the new tech which is used in translocation operations and this can simplify these kinds of operations. This 3D Medical Animated Video is all about how the operation is performed and how simple it becomes with the new technology out there in the market.


Dr. Dabber 3d Medical Animated Video

Industry: CGI Product 3D Medical Animated Sample

If you are looking for advanced CGI equipment for your hospital then the Dr. Dabber’s new Switch looks quite promising. With its new and promising tech, it looks good and safe. Your patients would be happy if you use this kind of tech in your operations. This no doubt is technically explained through this 3D Medical Animated Video.

Don Abbott 3D Medical Animated Video

Industry: Diagnostics Equipment 3D Medical Animated Sample

Don Abbot is a world famous brand, working in the field of medical equipment and with their Accelerating Diagnostics Supporting Product, they commit to making a change in the industry. They have used the 3D Medical Animated Video to explain this technology further which makes it look great and amazing.


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