How Character Animation makes awesome marketing videos?

Character animation is a video production process using 2D or 3D animation and developing a 2D character and bringing such  animated characters to life. In a character animation explainer video, animators bring a character to life by giving it a distinct personality, creating an illusion of thought and emotions.

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What are the best explainer video advantages?

Explainer video is a short, engaging video clip to explain or introduce a product or service to potential customers in the market, basically about what they do and several ways to help these customers. If the product is new to the market, its details are well explained through an explainer video.

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15 Fabulous examples of 2D Animation!

2D animation is the process of creating videos using a script, storyboard, unique characters and environments using two-dimensional or 2D animated motion graphics. In simple words, these are cartooned videos comprising of a story, characters, some background sound and motion graphics.

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Top 10 Whiteboard Animation Examples!

Whiteboard animation video type example is a specific type of video that uses the process of creating a series of pictures frames or sketches drawn on a whiteboard and complemented with a voice-over or narration to guide the viewers throughout the video and its story.

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What is the average explainer video cost?

BrandsMark has been an industry leader for the past decade and can actually answer this question in a much better way. The average length of an explainer video is around 60 seconds, let's consider this to benchmark the cost. The cost of an explainer video can be classified into three categories: the lowest price, the average price, and the highest price.

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Explainer Video Examples

Explainer Videos are a gift to marketing in the 21st century. 2018 has unleashed a lot of technological achievements, and with such great achievements, the business industry is bursting its seams of innovation. There are a variety of explainer videos that are available but the following few stand out the most:

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Choosing the best animated explainer video company

An animated explainer video is an audio-visual marketing tool that works to explain a product
or service in a way that is easy, quick and effective. When it comes to choosing the best animated explainer video company, your only aim should be to simply define your product or service that makes it great. Within a short span, the video should enlighten each and every particular USP of the product or brand.

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What is Explainer Video Production

Explainer video production is producing a short video clip, so that it becomes easier for the businesses to
explain or introduce themselves in the market, basically about what they do and several ways to help
their customers. If the product is new to the market, its details are well explained through an explainer video.

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Top 6 Types of Explainer Videos for 2018

There are a variety of explainer videos and here are some that dominate the others. Different explainer video styles or formats are made to appeal to different segments of the target audience. Here are some of the most popular explainer video types for 2018.

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What are animated explainer videos

An explainer video is a short, animated video focused on highlighting or explaining the products and services of a company in an engaging way, using the appropriate language, explanatory and engaging animated visuals to help viewers understand the product or service in just a matter of seconds. Animated explainer videos are one of the top marketing tools of this century.

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What is Whiteboard Animation and its Examples?

Creative and inventive whiteboard animation are a compelling tool to market, brand and advertise products and services effectively. Whiteboard animation videos intrigue viewers with innovative animation techniques, an innovative script and by making complex explanations plain and simple.

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Videos have a stronger effect on the human brain. Explainer videos turn complex concepts into simple ideas and hence are not only informative but also an educational tool. Explainer video keeps the viewers’ much more engaged as they involve both audios as well as video.